Thursday, October 3, 2013

Window Shopping for New Phablet

It’s three weeks now since I lost my phablet in my work and still I super missed it. It has been such a great help to me when I’m tired to open my laptop and just want to go over my emails, read forums, bid on opportunities and do some simple blog posts. It’s almost complete for me and I depended on it for 7 months. It’s my first time to lose any of my gadgets and I was at a loss where it was snatched. 

Now I’m back to searching for a replacement even though my sister gave her tablet for half the price and on installment basis. I still want a phablet in a couple of months maybe and I will see to it that it will not miss my eye. I’m browsing for new models of that phablet and been searching on online stores like yescomusa. I’m also looking for some discount coupons or codes to lessen the cost of the gadget I want. It makes a lot of help.

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