Friday, August 16, 2013

Three Tips for Using Technology in the Classroom

Many educators are embracing innovative technological resources such as using a tablet with an iPad Ram mount. Many other teachers, however, would love to use the technology but aren’t sure what to do or how to begin. Following are three suggestions that can help you improve your teaching through the use of tablets: 

·         Start small, but make sure you start.
·         Set expectations for how technology will be used.
·         Use accessories to augment the tablet.

Start Small

Sometimes the biggest hurdle in using a tablet is just getting started. The best way to use one is to simply use it. If you never start using the tablet, it will remain a mystery. Start small with one or two apps that you think might be useful. Get familiar with it, and begin to explore other apps. The more you use one, the more you will find different ways you can use it. Soon you will wonder how you ever lasted without using one. You can use a tablet even if your students don’t have access to one. For example, you can project your tablet’s screen onto an overhead screen and have students write on your tablet as they solve an answer to a problem. 

Set Expectations

Setting expectations is critical, for both you and your classroom. This is especially essential if your students have access to individual tablets. Do not think that every lesson or assignment needs to be accomplished using the tablet. In fact, some lessons are better without the technology. As you use your tablet, help your students make the transition to non-tablet times by letting them know when they are coming. Emphasize over and over that it is okay; you don’t have to use a tablet for every single piece of instruction. 

Use Accessories

One of the advantages of using a tablet in the classroom is the different accessories that are available. For instance, using an iPad Ram mount can help make your iPad visible to all students. There are other accessories that can project whatever you or a student writes on your tablet. As you use these accessories, you will find that they are fairly effective in helping keep your students’ attention on any given subject.


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