Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Home Building Modern and Old Ways

With all the innovations in communications and other industries there are other things in life that remains simple and manual. Yes most of the things have changed, processes improved, models updated and almost all have found a way on how to make almost everything automatic or systemized. So it’s a respite to see things that stay the same or if they have improved they still carry the air of simplicity. 

Since my brother is into construction business I can say that residential home construction may have improved a lot but some areas still remains the same as they do it in the old times. When I watched how the construction laborers are working on the house I can see that they still uses the old style method of solidifying the structure, installing the roof and making the walls as sturdy as possible. I can still see how they used to do all construction processes for which they’re accustomed to. 

When we talk about residential projects I’m very attractive to paintings and interior design which makes up the character of the house. It creates an ambiance and definition of who are living in the house. So it’s vital that only professionals should handle the finishing of the house because it will define the final look. When I see painters and designers sizing up and evaluating the combination of colors and style I’m very interested and looking forward to end results. 

I’m amazed at how they uses different brushes for each areas telling me that they need to use it differently to even out the strokes and to simplify their works. My brother’s painting contractor buys Paint Brushes for all Types  of residential and building painting works for ease and flexibility of use. His collection includes roller brush, angled brush, paint brush of all sizes, hanging brush, air brush and other kinds required for the finishing touches. Since it’s his specialized contract business he see to it that everything is of high quality and in good working form to get the effect needed in the complete interior finish of the home project.


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