Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mattresses & Mirrors

If you wake up tired every day it might be because you have a tired foam or older mattress – with proper care good mattresses are designed to last for five to ten years but many people use them far longer.  There are several ways to prolong the life of a mattress; always use a mattress protector to help reduce dirt and dust and keep the actual mattress as clean as possible. Older mattresses should be rotated and turned to even out the wear patterns – this is especially important if one user is far heavier or larger than the other.

If your mattress leaves something to be desired but a new one is not in the budget or if you simply wish to experience a better night’s sleep then a mattress enhancer such as a memory foam or feather mattress topper is a great idea. There have been many technological advances with certain styles designed to alleviate motion transfer when one sleeping partner rolls over; others are designed to reduce pressure points and soothe aching muscles. With a new mattress topper you can get many of the same benefits as those offered by the fancy new pillow top mattresses without needing to actually buy a new mattress.

Many things contribute to facilitating a good nights’ sleep. Experts say you should use the bedroom for sleeping, not as a place to work or even read in bed; the room should be as dark as possible so room darkening shades are often recommend. The room should be quiet and comfortable – you may wish to incorporate some elements of fengshui by strategically placing bathroom, wall and other mirrors throughout the bedroom to make it appear larger and more tranquil.


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