Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mobile Spy Apps to Your Company Phones

Managing your own business is not that easy because you have to look over everything that connects to its operation and expenses. It also includes hiring employees that you can trust and will work for you in complete honesty and determination. Well not all employees work the same and even if you have a good pool of skilled and talented employees you will never know at once whom you can give complete trust with money and with delicate jobs. Oftentimes you need to employ guidelines to ensure that certain rules are followed by your employees. Well unfortunately some employees will not adhere to your office guidelines and will do what they want to regardless of policies and rules. 

Some use company benefits for their own personal use like when they’re issued company cell phone or any other things owned by the company. Some employees have a tendency to use the gadgets for personal calls wherein it will not be traced carefully until the billing comes in to verify the calls listed in the post paid invoice. In our company we issue corporate phones on a plan so we only set the plan to their monthly allocation budget and if they exceed their given amount they will pay for the excess. That way they can only use the phone for work or if used on personal calls exceeding their limit the amount would be deducted on their next payroll. 

Well for those who really want to monitor the phone activity of their employees especially when they’re out of the office there’s an application at that you can install in the company phones. Using mSpy, a spy software apps you can track the kinds of usage that your employees is using on their company smart phone. It includes the incoming and outgoing calls where you can track of the data whenever a situation arise that your employee is suspected of abusing the company’s phone benefits. 

It also has a GPS signal where you can track the position and movement of whoever uses the phone so you’ll know exactly where your employee is when he’s out of the premises of the office. This is applicable to those employees who mix work with pleasure like dropping by to shopping mall or restaurants while doing some field work or slipping into some personal errands in between outside works. Of course you have to inform your employee that spy apps are downloaded in their phones not just to legalize your actions but to serve as reminder also that they’re being monitored also. This will keep them at bay when they’re thinking of doing something at office hours on their field works. Trust and respect should also be at hand.


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