Monday, March 25, 2013

Crazy Over Gadgets

With the latest craze of people in high tech gadgets it’s beginning to look like an addiction simply because they can’t live without it. It’s only a matter of few months and a latest update of the current popular gadget is on its way to stardom again. I really find it amazing how some people can keep up with it; some will just sell their current awesome gadget just to buy the upcoming new version. They regard it as something that would make them happy but after few months only they’re not that happy anymore. 

There could really be some magic sprinkled on gadgets or people just prioritize having them in their life. Even my friend who used to give best little cigars to his superior is now contemplating giving a small tablet instead. He’s thinking that it will be more appreciated than his usual birthday gifts and very functional also. Well the love for gadgets doesn’t seem so bad after all as it’s a good replacement for gifts.


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