Saturday, March 2, 2013

4 Unique Birthday Gifts that Will Excite Your Cancer Boyfriend

If your boyfriend was born between May 21st and June 20th, he is a Cancer, one of the zodiac’s water signs. Being with a Cancer man is both a blessing and a curse. These men will cherish you and treat you like a princess; however, they are extremely sensitive. Their sensitive nature can lead to moody behavior and random outbursts. If you are able to handle your Cancer man, he will roll out the red carpet for you. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same.

Personalized Apron

Your Cancer boyfriend most likely knows his way around the kitchen. He’s the guy who always mans the grill at the family barbecues. Honor his culinary skills by getting him a personalized apron. Since he has to wear it, you don’t want to put anything too mushy. Write something short and sweet that you know will make him smile everything he picks up a spatula.


Music is the key to his heart. When he wants to block out the world or go for a run to clear his mind, he puts on music. If your Cancer boyfriend is anything like the typical Cancer, he probably has lost a few iPod's already. Get him a new one for his birthday along with an iPod running band.

Scented Oil Set

Cancer men often find themselves stressed out because they tend to take on all of the troubles of the world. Buy him a scented oil set and give him an intimate massage at home. Make sure the room’s atmosphere is relaxing by playing smooth music, dimming the lights and lighting a few scented candles. A quiet, relaxing massage may be just what your Cancer man needs. If he wants to return the favor, remind him that it’s his birthday and that he deserves the special treatment.

Handmade Card with Breakfast in Bed

Since Cancers are emotional creatures, they internalize everything that happens in the relationship. If you treat them well, they will always remember it down to the details. Every man yearns to feel like a king in his castle. Wake up early one morning and fix him his favorite breakfast meal. As you serve him his breakfast in bed, hand him a handmade birthday card. While some of the other zodiac signs may find this act childish or cheap, your Cancer man will think no such thing. He will appreciate that you took out the time to make something special for him. Be sure that you are proud of your card because he will keep it forever.

Cancer men love to love, and they often stumble upon bad relationships in the process of finding the one. However, if you treasure your Cancer boyfriend as much as he treasures you, there are many ways that you can show your affection. By demonstrating how much you want to make him happy on his birthday, he will begin to put his guard down and open his heart to you.

Jack Harding writes about astrology and enjoys exploring and sharing his knowledge on the connection between personalities and zodiac signs.


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