Monday, February 18, 2013

Keeping His Things Intact

My kid often lose his pen or anything he has when he’s playing or when he’s engrossed on playing something. It’s really a usual happening that when he reached home his pen case is empty. When DH and I talked to him about it he promised that he’ll pay attention to keeping his things and will see to it that he keeps it until he reached home. Anyway little boys are really like that, they will always be our little babies that turned into boys, they’re careless most of the times unlike girls who are more disciplined and careful. 

Well DH and I decided to try giving him pens with strings so it will be hard to lose on my little boy’s case. Now I can say that it worked because he can keep his things on his bag and when I checked the pens are still there. It gave me an idea to put lanyards on his USB flash, whistle and pens. He also gained responsibilities on keeping and protecting his things.


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