Monday, January 7, 2013

Shopping Plans for Our Vacation in Baguio

Since I passed the mall everyday when I go home I learned that there are some clearance sale on various stores and if I don’t have some control I might have given in to some temptation to buy bags and some clothes for the family. It’s getting colder these days and I’m thinking if I should buy them cardigans or just wait for my SIL boxes from England. Last year she gave us plenty of jackets for the whole family which we also share to some of our church friends. 

I want to shop because I’m preparing for our next vacation trip to Baguio this coming December and we might have some needs for quality jackets like down jackets for women to warm us on very cold weather in Baguio. The last time we were there I put on layers of warm clothes and cardigans just to combat the late cold nights in Burnham Park. Well the kids were better than me when it comes to cold weather as they’re contented with one layer of jacket. 

We stayed up to near midnight and we’ve almost chilled when the rain suddenly dropped. Despite the cold we enjoyed our vacation and promised to go back there. Anyway next time I’ll be wiser and will know better what to wear if we decide to stay late in the park. Maybe we’ll l bring our tent so we’ll have a place to stay when rains and cool breeze mixed in. On our next vacation we’ll still be with our church friends also and we’ll be occupying one whole bus. That would be so fun.


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