Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shopping for My Friend’s Electronic Needs

My friend takes care of the maintenance and all electronics requirements in their company being the only Electronics Engineer there. Every request and order should pass his approval before they buy it and sometimes he personally purchase them himself if some standards should be certain. This happens when he wants to ensure that quality control is followed just in case some of his colleagues will ever let low quality brand to replace what he had approved. His position is kinda critical at times but he always tells me that as long as he’s just doing his job there will be no problem. Let alone the politics and personal intention of others. 

Last week we were both looking at a store where we need some cards for an equipment and he’s looking for a card that will fit his instrument so he will not require analog input module. I told him there’s one whern he shops online like first-rate aviom16/o-y1 at Musicians friend. He’s not keen on online shopping but I assured him that I’ve tried it so many times with my paypal and it’s safe. He’s now thinking about it as he really want to buy the card for his own personal home use.


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