Sunday, November 4, 2012

FAVI Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

I love gadgets especially if they're presented in minis that's why I love my Nokia E90 communicator even when all my friends have their touch phones. It looks like a rather big mobile phone but if you open it it's like a super mini laptop.  I find it so cute when it's opened resembling a mini computer and it also has features and capabilities that other phones can't do.

Anyway speaking of mini here's one extra cute FAVI mini bluetooth keyboard which fits people on the go because it can be stored in your pocket and you can have your typing done while you're moving. It's very useful when you're working from the cloud on your smartphone device. It's so versatile that you can enjoy music, video navigation and can be used for presentations with its built-in laser pointer.

This mini bluetooth is portable and very light only but it can give you lots of functions and features like speed, accuracy, comfort, backlit keys ideal for working at night or in dark areas.  With this you can now look forward to typing what you need to type without hurting  or straining your hands and fingers.

Sells at USD49.99 at


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