Thursday, September 13, 2012

Changing Into Healthy Lifestyle

My cousin is really on the go on changing her lifestyle and this time she told me that she’ll be more disciplined. She’s starting some aerobics and cardio workout as recommended by me and checking my vegetable recipes. I’ve given her my own menu that I’ve used few months ago when I had my healthy diet plan and I wished that she’ll use it. She didn’t want to cook and there’s no one to prepare for her either so we’re still thinking of solutions on that part. 

Well on the fitness side I know she can make it because she had tried some dancing exercises before and now she’s asking to look and shop for yoga mats wholesale because she’s trying yoga also. She had some health problems in the past and changing lifestyle would really help her recover fast. Also this complete change in food preference and exercising would not only make her healthy and strong but slimmer as well. I should be doing the same don’t you think? Well I only need to go back to my old routine and I’ll be fine.


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