Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spending More Time with Your Family

Summer vacation is my favorite season of the year because for me it’s the season for family bonding. Since summer is also the time for school breaks it’s when I get to see more of my kids compared to school days when they’re in the school most of the time. When they’re in the house they would do their homework and projects and there’s less time for family activities. I’m just half happy that my working at home time is over as I’m working in corporate office again. Now that the kids are at home all days of the week I missed them more so to lessen my longing I call them in the house and ask what they’re doing and tried to get home faster and earlier if I can make it. 

I enjoy my current work now I just miss the time when I’m working at home and when the kids arrived from school I was at the door always to meet them. Most of the times I would visit them at school on lunch breaks or wait for them when school time finishes. My youngest who was in Grade 1 then was always happy and excited to see me waiting for him and when it’s early and he has no assignment we would drop by a mall with beautiful water fountains and spend the rest of the hot afternoon there. Well his two sisters were with us on less busy school days also which makes their Dad wish that he’s home also. 

Now that my husband is back to studying for a college degree he has more time with the kids and we enjoy more of his time. On weekends we would schedule vacation in his Mom’s home in mountainous Montalban or enjoy swimming in nearby resort. We never experienced such bonding with him when he’s working in an appliance company and we came to thinking that life is really better when you have plenty of time for your family. We’re lucky and blessed that we realized this early in our life and not when we’re too old to enjoy the kids. God is good.


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