Thursday, March 22, 2012

Orthopaedic & Spine Care

Three years ago I had an accident that hit my whole body especially my legs. We were walking down the road from the restaurant that we had lunch. I have my complete family with me on our way going to our church when I suddenly slipped on the uneven road. I had an imbalance which prompted my whole body to fall flat on the ground. In my futile attempt to rescue from head my hips and legs were affected the most. It was so sudden that no one was able to stop me from falling and I walking behind them when it happened.

At first I didn’t know the affected parts but when I started walking again it was then that I realized I badly needed foot and ankle care because those were badly hit by the fall. They almost carried me back to our church and made me sit and stretch my legs when we finally arrived there. Upon reaching home after few hours my Mom gave me an emergency checkup and massage therapy to rule out the extent of my fall. She knows how to massage misplaced veins and always gives me massage therapy if I’m at pain.

Well she told me that my foot and hip were badly affected and I was treated immediately to minimize some swelling on my body parts. It was a painful treatment but I had to endure it to regain the strength of my foot, ankle and hips. Well for those who experienced the same accident as mine or having trouble with foot and ankle pain you can seek some help from centers like Orthopaedic & Spine Center. They’re dedicated to relieve patients of chronic pain and to let them enjoy a healthy and free of pain life.

They also have solutions for other orthopaedic problems like arthritis, shoulder & spine problems, care of your hip  and others. They have outstanding medical professionals who have experience and skills in giving the best orthopaedic care. They do their services in a well equipped medical office, fully equipped x-ray suites, innovative orthopaedic techniques and old fashioned patient care.


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