Monday, March 5, 2012

Looking Forward to Summer Vacation

One month to go and my kids including my husband will be on summer vacation. I’m really excited because as early as now we’re planning short vacation in MIL’s house in Montalban or a short travel to our Laguna hometown. In our church they’re also talking about an overnight stay in the resort capital of the country and we might rent again a private swimming pool so we can have the place all by ourselves. We have plenty of activities this summer vacation especially after our summer camp meeting in first week of April. The grandest event would be my Mom’s 80th birthday but still we’re thinking if we’ll have it in the house or on resort.

Summer vacation is always fun in the house where we always cook something special or make the usual summer coolers like ice candy, fruit shakes, halo halo and a lot more. Since summer is also hot we’re always eating all of these foodies and drinks outside our house. We spent more time in our garden and terrace in the hot hours of the day because it’s fresher and cooler there. Our compound has many fruit trees in the backyard so when the other places are hot ours is a lot cooler because of the green trees. I’m thinking of adding up some plastic Adirondack chairs for a more relaxing stay in the terrace or backyard garden and I’m looking at online stores now for nice ideas. I have limited budget so I search and compare before I buy. Looking forward to the months of April and May, it’s fun even if it’s hot.


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