Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pregnancy Care and Risks

My goddaughter in our hometown province is taking care of herself carefully now since she got pregnant six months ago. She has two miscarriages already and this time she’s determined that it will be a successful pregnancy and delivery. If she’s not feeling well nor has the regular migraines she’s only rubbing external medicines to prevent side effects that would affect her baby’s health. I told her that she should stay away from Topamax, an anti-convulsant and migraine drug that has found to have severe side effects to pregnant women.

The drug can cause cleft lip or palate to newborn babies of Mom who have taken Topamax during their pregnancy so it was recalled by manufacturer. Well it’s too late for others who have used the drug for treating their migraines. So for those who encountered birth defects in their newborn baby should get fair justice for carelessness of manufacturer. They should ask for legal help from Austin personal injury attorney who has the best legal services to guide them in the process of getting claims. They would need the money to finance the needed surgery for cleft lip defect.

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