Saturday, May 28, 2011

Effects of Lighting

I’m glad that my new room in the office is finished already and I’ve moved my things before I went home. It’s just a small room made for Administrative department which lacks necessary lighting in the ceiling that’s why I have to wait for the contractor to add some ceiling lights on the room. Now I can work more easily as if I’m in my home office.

Lighting can make a difference in any room or environment. It can create different ambience depending on the type of lighting you choose. I’m fond of looking out and trying on some new lights for the house because it makes a lot of difference on the interiors. I’m actually searching for nice led outdoor lighting for the garden because recently it looks so dim when I’m resting on our terrace. I want a brighter one this time to reflect on the garage also. We’ve encountered some intruders lately and maybe bright lights would send them away next time.


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