Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Free Downloads for Photos, Finances and More

In dealing with my online job I basically need some software to do my work well. This software should provide for my needs to manage my documents and edit my photos. When I need one it will not be a problem to me as I can download most of the things that I need. For others these downloadable software can be of help to their needs:

1. GIMP Downloads

For bloggers especially those who do some digiscrapping they need software that can enhance, edit and retouch images. They need to cut out images, change backgrounds, fonts, colors and insert graphics. GNU Image manipulation Program can help them enhance their creativity by using this software because it is a Photoshop alternative application tool that can help them edit, author and retouch their digital images.

2. GnuCash Download
This is for office system use particularly in accounting because GnuCash is a free and open source accounting software program that can manage all of small business accounting finances. It can provide ways on tracking company’s income, expenses, bank accounts and more. This financial tool can be used not only in business but for personal use as well.

3. HandBrake
If you want to convert your favorite movies for downloading to your iPods, iPhones and other media player you can use the free program HandBrake. It is an open source easy to use video transcorder.

4. KMPlayer Download
If you need help to your multi-media player needs this free KMPlayer is for you because this video player has a lot of features, formats for viewing, playback and others.

5. Media Player Classic
Media Player Classic offers solution to the problem of having different media player to download for different formats. It will consolidate all various formats to be able to play even with only one player. It’s a free audio and video media player for all Windows users.

Visit the sites mentioned above if you have such needs for documents, photos, media players, accounting and the likes.


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