Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Farewell Party

This coming school year I’ll have another kid entering secondary level and I’m also excited for her as I know she’ll have new friends, new environment, new teachers and new school. She has so many friends in the school she graduated from and it saddens her to think that they will not see each other every day when they reached high school. As early as now they’ve scheduled future reunions and promised that they will all attend to that. I understand why they’re like that as most of them were together since kindergarten and they have grown together from small to big kids.

Anyway her teacher arranged for a farewell swimming get-together for the kids next week.  They've saved money from their fund raising project few months prior to graduation and  they will spend it on that activity.  Parents like me who wants to share something will bring foods of their choice.   Looking forward to help them make their farewell party memorable.


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