Saturday, April 2, 2011

Enhancing His Mechanical Engineering Career

I’ve been out few times now because of my part-time job which requires me at least twice a week to report. For two days we’ve worked in our former office location as per request of my friend to our former boss who was so kind in letting us work there in the conference room while the new office is being setup and arranged. It’s nice to see old friends and office mates which I’ve worked with for several years. After I’ve finished my tasks I got the chance to talk to them and update myself on what’s going on with their lives. I’ve been away for almost two years now and my last visit was last year. There are many changes in my life and looking back at my former office I have no regrets on leaving my career.

Just like what I heard from one of the key staff in the sister company of my previous work. He has no regrets whatsoever in leaving his previous work to work on the new business venture of my boss. His mechanical engineering career helped him in his undertakings of the management and sales of their new innovative industrial and mechanical products. I’m actually surprised that after two years he’s still there managing the operations of the business and I was very glad to know that the business is booming. It’s involved with the high level equipment that reduces the cost of electricity in industrial and big manufacturing plants. He still loves his career and looks forward to enhancing his profession in the next few years.


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