Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Online Printing Solutions

In my previous corporate job I’ve been involved in helping out the marketing department in our pioneering years. We were few then and we helped each other in whatever work we have. I helped our young graphic designer in getting Printing service that make samples of her designs for reproducing final prints. We have to canvass at least three companies and assess their capabilities, print quality and price rate before agreeing to print hundreds of copies. The process of ordering, sampling and final printing was slow that I have to follow-up frequently so they will speed up their work. I just can’t control the time sometimes but I know if there’s Online Printing  available at that time I might have ordered it there. The pressure of work was too much for my peace of mind.

Now it’s faster and easier to have your order printed at My1Stop because you can have quotations right away and the choices are ready online for quick browsing. They offer innovative solutions for Custom Printing of your personal and business brochures, custom label, plastic card, posters and some other commercial printing products. This includes imprinted, stock and imprinted products wherein you can choose if you want it simple or full color printing. All full color order is done on world class quality output. You can rely on them to give you fast and high quality service at affordable prices that can save you lots of time and money.


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