Saturday, February 12, 2011

Choosing Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

I’m beginning to feel the coming hot season here in our place because it’s getting warmer these days. We had a very cool temperature for the past two months and though we enjoyed it I also want a warmer temperature because I’m having chills attack at night. I guess having lived in the tropical country all my life my body is not accustomed to very cold weather even if I want it. Anyway the sudden change in temperature causes sickness among children and I’m hoping that temperature wouldn’t be in the extremes. Now that we’re going back to the usual tropical climate we’re slowly preparing for the summer season which will be more than a month from now. We’re thinking of adding Ceiling Fans  to the house so summer heat will be bearable. Air-conditioning units are not a welcome idea as it triggers increase in electric bill so we’ll have to do with fans. 

We thought of Ceiling Fan than any other fans because it doesn’t only maximize space but a good house decor as well. It would look good in the living room and dining area but we’ll look first for options on the type of fans we’re going to need. Since my work involves being online most of the times I got through sites that offer helpful information on what to look for in ceiling fans. You can Find out who makes the Best Ceiling Fans here! It’s always good to read reviews and online guide so you’ll have idea what to choose.

Well Hansen Wholesale Ceiling Fans caught my attention as they sell ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fans which is known to meet performance and quality guidelines. This kind of ceiling fans are more efficient than regular ceiling fans and can save you up on your cooling bills while we help protect our environment. So it’s a good choice to pick on their ceiling fans because they sell two of the most efficient ceiling fans from Emerson, the Avant ECO and the Carrera Grande ECO. Visit their site to see more of what they offer.


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