Monday, February 28, 2011

Causes of Bad Habits

I went shopping last weekend in the nearest mall to our house to replenish our stocks for the coming week. It’s really a big help that we have a big supermarket just one kilometer away from us. It makes shopping so easy and fast. DH sometimes does it for me as his school is very near the mall. Every time I went there I always notice the employees of the call center based in the upper floor of the supermarket. They’re always there outside the doors of the mall on break time and having their cigar humidors. 

Actually it’s a common scenario to me as my former office reminds me of that scene. The tenants of my boss’ building are mostly call center offices and you would always see some of the employees at the ground floor smoking on rest periods. A thought suddenly occurred to me that maybe the pressure and stress brought about by their job sometimes invite the need for that bad habit. I just hope that they know the health hazard of what they’re doing. Sometimes they would stop if they have already incurred deadly diseases.


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