Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Family Role Do You Play?

You Are the Mother

You have an abundance of love for humanity. You care about all the people of the world.
You love helping others more than anything else. You love to be needed.

At your best, you unconditionally love people. You are very nurturing.
You are a wise and gentle teacher. You are happy to guide anyone who needs your advice or explanations.

At your worst, you are controlling and overbearing.
You smother people with affection and gifts. And with this attention you give, you are expecting something in return.

Just the right role for my present status in life - I was really expecting this test to give me an answer like this. I guess if someone entered motherhood she'll have the best training and experience in life so she's able to give the love, caring and nurturing to her family. Every mother wants to be needed by her loved ones, friends and some other people she cares about. It's what motherhood is for.


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