Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Get Cash Out of Your Gold

I started collecting old gold and silver coins and it became my hobby when Mom gave all her old coins to me. Her old coins were dated in early seventies and I was happy to receive them all as I really want good old gold coins. Until now whenever our government change coins I was always ready to save some for my collections. I even have the paper money to collect because I find it really nice to look at the transition of money designs.

Many buy and sell businessmen are rounding up our place to ask us if we want to sell jewelry, those broken jewelries that we don’t use anymore. I figured that they will recycle it for new designs of jewelry just like what they’re doing at They buy gold coins or jewelry and refine it for other usage. They’re an ecofriendly company and because of these they help reduce the risk of environment hazard. So if you want to get cash out of your gold coins or jewelries you can visit now.


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