Monday, April 5, 2010

Orchid Recovery Center for Women

When I see women begging for coins in the street I took pity on them especially if they carry their babies with them. It’s either they’re really beggars or members of a certain syndicate that force them to beg for money. It’s even harder to see street women who were full of dirt and grease on their bodies and looks like sanity has left them. I look at children and women as crystal and they should be given proper care and love.

The bitterness of life may have left them struggling for their good sense and the problems may have taken its toll on their minds that made them insane. Well some resort to alcohol or drugs when they have problems that they can’t handle and for their families it’s a big burden that hard to bear. It is for this reason that Orchid Recovery Center was built for. It is a gender-specific center for women who resorted to drug and alcohol addiction. Life doesn’t end with frustrations and disappointment over a family member who became drug addict or alcoholic. There’s still a chance especially if the whole family prayed and strive for it. It’s an overwhelming thought that there are centers like The Orchid Recovery Center for Women who helped women overcome their drug and alcohol addiction giving them a chance to live a better life after the rehabilitation treatment.

I visited the Orchid Center Charity Blog and there you can see how they assisted women in their residential treatment center giving them expert treatment and proper care needed to help them see and enjoy life after rehabilitation. The place and the exposure to fellow women who experience the same dilemma have been of great help to patients to recover fast.


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