Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When He Grows Up

We’ve noticed that Josh is growing up healthy and with appetite that makes me smile. When its time for eating he’ll just go to his place and eat. It doesn’t take me a hard time convincing him to eat because he’s the one to eat early so he’ll be early for his service. I just noticed that he’s not making much progress on his height unlike his siblings who grow up faster than anyone. I heard about human growth hormone and been thinking about how effective it is to help increase growth. No I’m not thinking that Josh would take it I’m just interested in this HGH thing and what it offers to the consuming public.

I’m perfectly happy with my little boy’s progress because I know there will come a time that he’ll be growing up fast. Kids have different level of growing phases and for now I will just enjoy Josh while he’s little and always want to be by my side. After several years life would be different and I hope my little boy will still be charming and nice. This is just an ordinary Mom’s thoughts.


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