Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Too Many Activities in a Day

I was up and about at dawn trying to do everything I can to make my work as fast as possible to meet my desired time schedule. We have to attend my second child’s recognition day and buy something for her blowout to her classmates. I’m a little dizzy from yesterday night’s overtime in blogging because I know I’ll be able to come back home after lunch time. What a busy day for me but I must check first the auto insurance quotes I saw yesterday online because it offers competitive price. My brother needs it for his spare construction car.

I picked up my notebook and listed everything I got to do this day especially the ones which I’ll be doing after the school recognition day. I’ve listed all I’m going to need for our camp meeting; our clothes for packing, my grocery list, my market list and what I’m going to cook for our first day in the camp. The rest of the meals were taken care of so I’ll be preparing breakfast and lunch only. Now I feel better upon seeing my list knowing that I will not forget a thing.


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