Friday, March 19, 2010

Sincere Appreciation Gets Results

I read a story about the officer in the company who don’t want to listen to her staff’s stories and never showed any interest in their suggestive ideas. She always turned down immediately any ideas that she thinks is not good for the company. The result is they learned to stay away from her and never get in contact with her eyes when they’re talking. Her whole department has been cold to her and they feel that she has no emotions at all. She consulted her doctor that she’s receiving cold attitude among her staff and that’s when she was taught to be more human, to listen first to her staff and show a deeper sense of interest in what they’re saying or suggesting. She was asked to appreciate things done by her staff. You see one of the deepest needs of our human existence is the need to be appreciated.

Each and every one of us absolutely loves to be appreciated for who we are and what we do. Now that she learned how to appreciate things and people around her she was respected more by them. Not only that she was respected but they all smile at her the whole day. They can now look into her eyes directly and suggest their ideas for the company’s welfare. She feels happy changing her attitude.

Well I sincerely love this story as I can also apply it in my family. I must be aware always that I should appreciate every little thing that my kids will do for me and for the rest of us. It will help them boost their self-esteem and be confident in their actions. Since I started to be a Wahm I learned to focus on my kids’ changes in attitude as they grow up from little children to being a teener in few years time. Hope I’ll be able to appreciate every single effort they’ll be making in the future.


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