Friday, March 26, 2010

Daily Disposable Contact Lens

I’m wearing prescription eyeglasses for decades for my nearsightedness. Since college I was compelled to wear glasses to help me get through my studying. It was hard without eyeglasses because I will not be able to see far objects and the lessons we have on the board. Even if at first I find it uncomfortable I became used to wearing my glasses all day. I even wear them during my sports activities. I’m the athletic type and I have many sports. My eye deficiency didn’t stop me from joining school sports. When I graduated and got a job right after the rites I didn’t switched to contact lenses for many reasons. I’m a super busy person and I find them hard to maintain and contact lenses those days were not as convenient and as comfortable as the ones available now.

My sister introduced me to contact lenses because she really feels that eyeglasses can be awkward sometimes and can make you look older. Well it really depends on the style you choose to wear but with contact lenses it looks naturally nice and with added beauty if you choose the right shade of color. There are many kinds and some are made to last for months and even for a year but my sister chooses disposable contact lenses because she finds it more fitted to her lifestyle. She doesn’t want to use the durable contact lenses that will last for long period of time because she didn’t want to use the same contact lenses everyday for a year. She can also choose different kinds according to her moods.

Now I found that there’s more that contact lenses can offer. Softens offer daily disposable contact lenses which you can wear once and then thrown after use. It’s best for busy people because you don’t have to buy and use solution, no more lens’ cases and no worrying about tear & wear because it will be replaced daily. Everyday is a fresh new day with new pairs to wear. You don’t have to worry about carrying them when you travel because of its very simple packaging and it’s very affordable. Now for those people with allergies it is highly recommended as you replace each contact lens everyday. With all these comfort and convenience it’s really quite something to try.


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