Sunday, January 10, 2010

High School Silver Grand Alumni

We had our High School Silver Grand Alumni last December 19, 2009 and we're all happy to see each other faces. We've grown older and wiser but still the fun easy-going innocence that binded us together when we were in our teens schooling was still there. We greeted each one with excitement and happiness that after all those years that passed we're still almost the same. We still carry the friendship, fun and memorable stories that we had 25 years ago. Jen and me were assigned in the reception& photo booth that we didn't missed a single classmate that attended the reunion-alumni. This time we didn't care about who you were in high school or whose your friends, what section or your status in life. It's just pure gladness that we see each other again and we established friendship and rapport with batchmates that 25 years ago we didn't even greeted, that's the magic of alumni don't you think! Will share photos later as I still have to choose from many pics uploaded by my batchmates.


Life Moto January 10, 2010 at 5:07 PM  

wow that is great. our batch will hold a silver too next year. but sad to say I can't join my batchmates.

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