Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Camp Meeting at Villa Dominga Forest Resort

This is a late post of our camp meeting last month.

We've arrived at around 8am, a little late for the planned time because DH was trying to be friends with the car we borrowed from my brother lol! Anyway we're so thankful that inspite of our car's inavailability to travel far my big brother offered his pickup vehicle which was just perfect for our tons of baggage. We brought our church' two speakers and projector together with our things and it just fitted right up to the last baggage we have. MIL and SIL rode with us this time and we're so happy to travel together. They used to travel in different vehicle so when we finally made sure that we can bring the pickup car we told them to travel with us. The kids were happier to have Granny and Auntie with us.

The place was beautiful as ever with flowers blooming beautifully and skies so bright. The temperature was so cold that you'll have to wear jackets even if the sun shines so brightly. We've spent the four days with fulfillment in our heart. Second day was spent with communion and feet washing at the end of the afternoon service and everyone held hands and prayed leaving all problems, worries and sickness behind the year that passed and welcoming the incoming year with faith in God that He'll always guide, care and protect us. At the end of the four-day fellowship we let the kids enjoy the cold waters of the resort and traveled the road with wet hair and giggling kids. They just love it!


Anonymous,  May 6, 2011 at 10:42 PM  

HOw much is the entrance fee ??

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