Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Girls' Christmas Party

My two girls are big enough to take care of themselves and their teachers informed us the PTA officers that the children will host their own party. But due to some mishap in the food delivery of Shakeys' in school their teacher asked help from mothers who were there to help in games and exchange gifts as it was a real pressure on her part to have food delays with kids impatiently waiting for their lunch. Me and Josh went there after Josh' party bringing with us Josh' Jollibee food pack. He told me that he wanted to eat beside his Ate Gen.

Anyway the party went well despite the Shakeys' mishap and Gen was lucky to have won two bags on the last phase of the game. We (the parents) had our own food to eat and we brought our potluck to a nearby house in school and had our lunch there with pasta, lechon manok, desserts and drinks. It was a tiring but happy day and I'm glad that I'll be resting from waking too early in the next few days because they'll be on their christmas vacation, yahoo!


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