Thursday, December 24, 2009

All My Bags are Packed

I'm so glad that I finally finished packing our bags for a 4-day stay in Villa Dominga Resort. Since the place is far from department stores and markets I made some detailed lists of what we'll be needing for the camp meeting. My list include clothes for 5 persons, food for 12, water for 2 days, foodie items for kids including biscuits, cupcakes, tetra drinks, chocolate, candies (more like a picnic for them), canned foods, beddings, tents, cookwares & utensils, emergency kits, medicine and many others. Just need to check the things for the car like car kits, flashlight, jack.etc.

I always have ready lists every time we have our camp meeting and I have separate for December and another for summer because I need to bring more warm clothes and jackets for December camp. I'm a heavy baggage person but it's advantageous for all of us as they didn't have to worry about anything when we have our camp. I always bring all the things that they need. Now I'll only have to prepare my travel bag, the one that I carry with me during travel which includes little of something, some food while on travel, candies when someone felt dizzy, celphone, camera, wallet, hankies and pens. Well I think that should be enough for DH to pack in the car.

I've cooked enough food for the first two days, I've prepared foods that will not spoil easily like tocino, hamonado, fried chicken, fried hotdogs, pork adobo, boiled pork, salted eggs with tomatoes, for any recipe I'll be cooking there. I'll have to rest now for our long travel later at 4 in the morning!


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